ChasingLight Collective started as a London running crew, a place for movers to escape the cages of the 9 to 5. It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog or run, there’s a home for everyone. We’ve now grown to become Ambassadors of movement. The role of our members is to give back via projects that bring movement,connection and community to people that can benefit the most, from charities through to local government initiatives.



Our weekly sessions are designed for all you brave warriors holding up the back of the pack.

We have three pacing groups Jog/Walk, Jog and then Run (no quicker than 10 minute miles.) We will be focusing on technique, pacing, strength, mobility and various other training protocols to ensure we keep you on your amazing journey safely.


Wednesday night is family night, led by founder Chevy Rough These sessions are tailored to all levels of movers and are broken down to help the community understand what it takes to move more intelligently through the miles ahead. We cover how to warm up, running technique, strength work and how to approach training more mindfully. Ultimately we do this for connection. You’ll find the crew breaking bread, travelling to races around the world and generally just being there for each other through the real marathon, that is life

Boys Club

Our goal with this project is to create awareness around mental health in men, alongside one of our partners, CALM. Launching in the Spring of 2017, our aim is to deliver 12 events over 12 months combining the three pillars of CLC, movement, connection and community

Project Glow

We believe tomorrow’s Community Captains are the diverse mix of amazing young people across our City. Our aim with this project is to give them the tools they need to shine through helping them achieve a fitness goal, while delivering a range of creative and enterprise workshops. Next in the pipeline is a 3 month project alongside Tower Hamlets borough and some of it’s care leavers

MindfulMovement Club

Sometimes going for a run is hard, leaving the house can be the biggest battle and joining a new bunch of unfamiliar faces can be daunting. What if we didn’t ask you to run? What if we just asked you to come move with us, while connecting with like minded “soles” for the track ahead. The MMC is a monthly meet up for those wishing to ease their way into the Community




Chevy Rough
ChasingLights Collective
The Trampery Republic
9th Floor
Anchorage House
2 Clove Crescent
E14 2BE

Come move with us

CageRunners – For all levels
Wednesdays, 6:45pm, Spitaflields

BackPackers – For those new to moving or just looking to have a little more fun
Thursdays, 6:45pm, Regent Street
Email us for further information